Dissonance Single - Pattern



Electro-folk musician Pattern describes a relationship suffering from miscommunication in his second single "Dissonance".  Foot stomping percussion drives the song as winding guitar and strings underlay yearning vocals.  

Listen to the single "Dissonance", released July 20, 2017.  

Mixed and Engineered by Drew Guido.  Mastered at NADA Studio.

Original Artwork by Eric Diehl.  Graphic design by Jak Horner.

Maybe You're Right Cover

Maybe you're right

"Maybe You're Right" takes inspiration from the American west: a vision of empty winding roads leading through creaky forests. Acoustic folk melodies inspire feelings of vulnerability and nostalgia while swelling strings evoke a searing vastness, leaving the listener with melancholic pop riffs they can’t seem to shake.

Listen to the single "Maybe You're Right", release date June 1st, 2017.

Mixed and Engineered by Drew Guido.  Mastered at NADA Studio.

Original Artwork by Eric Diehl.  Graphic design by Jak Horner.

So this is the story of Pattern, an artist forever hung between the vibrations of acoustic and electronic melodramas, where catchy hooks provide an outlet for lyrical existentialism.

Indie, Acoustic, Folk, Electronic, Folktronica, Americana

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Pattern in the Leaves
Pattern Flowers
Pattern with a Hat
Pattern on the Street

Pattern (a.k.a. Noah Meyer) writes and records music in New York's Hudson Valley.  As a boy, Noah used a drumset merely as a tool to release his youthful energy.  Years later, after picking up the guitar, Noah began to record his songs.  Early bedroom recordings were released as This Is An Album, which found Pattern alternating between acoustic and electronic productions. His 2013 sophomore album Good Heavens presented his first fully-realized fusion of these two elements.  Ourglass, released in 2015, is an ambitious album revealing lush tracks that further hone the acoustic-electronic tension of Good Heavens.  His latest singles Maybe You're Right and Dissonance are a return to Pattern's acoustic roots as he begins a new, forlorn narrative.  

Noah spent several formative years farming throughout the country.  This brought him to many unique recording spaces, such as a cabin in the foothills of Mount Rainier and Rockwell Kent’s abandoned art studio deep in the Adirondack Mountains.  These experiences are reflected in Pattern's music.